1. General conditions

1.1 These general conditions of sale, together with the particular conditions that may be established, will expressly regulate the relationships that arise between RCDMallorca SAD and the third parties (hereinafter "Users") who use the Internet portal www.realmallorca.tienda (here in hereinafter the "Website"), as well as with third parties that contract the products offered through it.

RCDMallorca SAD reserves, at any time, the right to unilaterally modify, without prior notice, and at any time the presentation and configuration of the Website.

1.2 These General Conditions have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Law 7/1998 on General Contracting Conditions, Royal Decree 1906/1999 which regulates telephone or electronic contracting with general conditions in development of article 5.3 of Law 7/1998, General Law 26/1984 for the Defense of Consumers and Users, Law 7/1996 on the Regulation of Retail Trade, Royal Decree-Law 14/1999 regulating the Electronic Signature and any legal provisions resulting of application.

1.3  By using the Website, you acquire the status of User. Both the visit and the use and / or acquisition of any of the products of the Website, imply the acceptance as a User, without reservations of any kind, to each and every one of the General Conditions of Sale, as well as, where appropriate, to the Particular Conditions that govern the acquisition.

1.4 RCDMallorca SAD may, at any time and without prior notice, modify these General Conditions of Sale, by publishing said modifications on the Website so that they can be known by Users always before visiting the Website. or to the acquisition of any goods offered on the Website.


2. Products offered. Purchase system

2.1 The products offered on the Website together with their characteristics and prices will appear on the screen. Likewise, the shipping costs to the User's address of the products will appear on the screen, which will always be paid by the buyer. These products will be available for sale while stocks last. The prices indicated on the screen are in euros and include VAT. and any other tax that is applicable and is current, except typing error.

The offers will be properly displayed on the screen. RCDMallorca SAD reserves the right to decide, at any time, the products that are contained and offered to Users through the Website. In this way, RCDMallorca SAD may at any time add new products to those included in the Website, it being understood, unless otherwise provided, that such new products will be governed by the provisions of the General Conditions of Sale in force at that time .

Likewise, RCDMallorca SAD reserves the right to stop providing access, at any time and without prior notice, to any of the products offered on the Website.

2.2. For the acquisition of the products offered on the Portal, RCDMallorca SAD will request Users to proceed to register, for which said Users, who must be over eighteen (18) years old, must complete the instructions that appear on the screen and that they will require run the following instructions: 

- Complete completion of the electronic form that appears on the Website at all times, following the instructions indicated therein.
- Pressing the "OK" button.
- Reception in the User's email account of the "User Name" and "Password".

The User Name and Password are personal and non-transferable. RCDMallorca SAD may carry out, with adequate notice, modifications to the username and / or password, in which case the modified passwords will lose their validity.

2.3 Once the User is registered, and to proceed with the purchase of Products, they must add the product they want in the Shopping Cart, according to the indications on the screen, the User must fill in the information requested by the Website, for which reason the reading and acceptance of all these General Conditions of Sale, as well as, where appropriate, the existing Particular Conditions.

2.4 Once the purchase has been made and in the shortest possible time, the RCDMallorca SAD Customer Service Department will send the User's e-mail the order confirmation which will not be valid as an invoice, only as proof of purchase.


3. Form of payment, delivery and withdrawal of orders

3.1 The payment of the price of the purchased goods and the shipping costs, which will appear on the screen, can be made by debit card, credit card and payment through PayPal. To proceed with the payment, the User must follow the instructions that appear on the screen, all the data provided for this purpose are encrypted under the SSL (Secure Socket Layers) protocol to guarantee maximum security.which will appear on the screen, can be made by debit card, credit card and payment through PayPal. To proceed with the payment, the User must follow the instructions that appear on the screen, all the data provided for this purpose are encrypted under the SSL (Secure Socket Layers) protocol to guarantee maximum security.

3.2 RCDMallorca SAD undertakes to deliver the goods purchased by the User, at the buyer's address indicated for this purpose in the order form (no products will be delivered to post office boxes or call centers), in the shortest possible time and, in any case, always before thirty (30) calendar days from the date of placing the order. The shipping costs of the purchased objects will be paid by the Buyer.

3.3. The User-Buyer will have a period of seven (7) business days, according to the official calendar of his place of residence, to resolve the sale without incurring any penalty or expense, including the expenses corresponding to the return of the good.  The period of seven days established in the previous paragraph will be computed from the receipt by the buyer of the purchased goods. 

3.4. Returns of orders should be sent to the address of RCDMallorca SAD, C/ Camí dels Reis, s/n, 07011 Palma, Balearic Islands. Exercised by the buyer the right of resolution, RCDMallorca SAD will return the amounts received by payment, without any withholding, immediately and never within a period of more than thirty days.


4. Responsibility of RCDMallorca SAD

4.1 RCDMallorca SAD will only be liable for the damages that the User may suffer as a result of the use of the Website when said damages are attributable to a malicious act of the same. The User acknowledges and accepts that the use of the Website, as well as the acquisition of the products, is carried out at their own risk and responsibility.

4.2 RCDMallorca SAD is not responsible for any damages that may arise from, with a merely illustrative and non-limiting nature:

- Inferences, omissions, interruptions, computer viruses, breakdowns and / or disconnections in the operational functioning of this electronic system or in the devices and computer equipment of the Users, motivated by causes beyond the control of RCDMallorca SAD, which prevent or delay the performance of the orders or browsing the portal; 
- Delays or blockages in use caused by deficiencies or overloads of the Internet or other electronic systems; 
- That may be caused by third parties through illegitimate interference beyond the control of the Website and that are not attributable to RCDMallorca SAD;
- The divergences of the information, documentation and / or other content of the Website that may exist between the electronic version and the printed version;
- The impossibility of providing the Service or allowing access for reasons not attributable to RCDMallorca SAD, due to the User, third parties, or force majeure.

4.3 RCDMallorca SAD does not control, in general, the use that Users make of the Service. In particular, RCDMallorca SAD does not guarantee under any circumstances that Users use the Service in accordance with the law, these General Conditions of Sale, generally accepted morals and good customs and public order, nor that they do so diligently and prudently.


5. Obligations of the user

5.1 In general, the User undertakes to comply with these General Conditions of Sale, as well as to comply with the special warnings or instructions for use contained therein or on the Website and always act in accordance with the law, good customs and to the requirements of good faith, employing due diligence to the nature of the service you enjoy, refraining from using the Website in any way that may prevent, damage or impair its normal operation, the goods or rights of RCDMallorca SAD , its suppliers, the rest of the Users or in general any third party.

5.2 Specifically, and without implying any restriction on the obligation assumed by the User in general in accordance with the previous section, the User undertakes, in the use of the Website, as well as in the acquisition of the Products to:

- In the case of registering, the User undertakes to truthfully provide the data provided and to keep them updated.
- Not to introduce, store or disseminate on or from the Website, any information or material that is defamatory, libelous, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, incites violence to discrimination based on race, sex, ideology, religion or that of Any form violates the form, public order, fundamental rights, public freedoms, honor, privacy or the image of third parties and in general the current regulations. 
- Not to introduce, store or disseminate through the Website any computer program, data, virus, code, hardware or telecommunications equipment or any other electronic or physical instrument or device that is likely to cause damage to the Website, in any of the Services, or in any of the equipment, systems or networks of RCDMallorca SAD, of any User, of the providers of RCDMallorca SAD or in general of any third party, or that in any other way is capable of causing any type of alteration or prevent their normal operation.
- To properly safeguard your username and password, as identifying and enabling elements for access to the purchase of products, committing not to assign their use or allow access to them by third parties, assuming responsibility for damages. that could derive from an improper use of the same. Likewise, the user agrees to communicate to RCDMallorca SAD, as quickly as possible, its loss or theft as well as any risk of access to the username and / or password by a third party. 
- Not to carry out advertising, promotional or commercial exploitation activities through the Website, not using the contents and in particular the information obtained through the Website to send advertising, send messages for direct sales purposes or for any other commercial purpose, nor to collect or store personal data of third parties. 
- Do not use false identities, or impersonate others in the use of the Website or in the use or acquisition of any of the Products, including the use of password or passwords of
access from third party or in any other way.
- Not to destroy, alter, disable or damage the data, information, programs or electronic documents of RCDMallorca SAD, its suppliers or third parties.
- Not to introduce, store or disseminate through the Sirio Web any content that infringes intellectual property rights, industrial or business secrets of third parties, nor in general any content which does not hold, in accordance with the law, the right to make it available to third.


6. Communications

6.1 For the purposes of these General Conditions of Sale, and for any communication that may be required between RCDMallorca SAD and the User, they should contact the Customer Service by email by sending a message to informacion@rcdmallorca.es or by communication written to the Customer Service Department of RCDMallorca SAD. C/ Camí dels Reis, s/n, 07011 Palma, Balearic Islands.

6.2 Communications from RCDMallorca SAD to the User will be made in accordance with the data provided by the latter when registering on the Website.